Hello, I'm Ben and this is my website; a place to publish things that I am involved with or interested in. If you have anything to say, get in touch.

My newest project is CoffeeIQ, an app that schedules coffee with a different coworker each week.

I recently designed Window Pods, a beautiful indoor gardening product. Window Pods are flower pots that attach to your window - saving space and increasing sunlight to plants. They finished on KickStarter and are moving to retail.

Focus is a cross-platform app that I wrote with Angular and Cordova. My goal was to create a friendly space to perform N-Back brain training without the pattern-recognition games prevalent in other brain-training apps.

Layers is a cross-platform app experiment I put together. It allows users to overlay maps in their browser, create adjustable heatmaps, and blend them like image layers in Photoshop.